Search engine optimization (SEO) is both a simple concept and a complex art. I’ll be doing what I can to demystify, deconstruct and present strategies and tactics for traffic acquisition and website promotion on the search engines. What makes search engine optimization so appealing is that it can provide excellent free traffic, has rather high click-thru rates (CTR) and depending on how it’s made visible in the SERP’s (search engine results pages), can also provide branding and offer visibility in the results provided back to searchers.

My goal is to always have people think as if they were search engineers… understanding the concepts at play, logical progression for changes in the algorithms that determine placement, ranking and visibility for the millions of results that can turn up in a SERP. With this sort of out-of-the-box thinking, no matter what changes take place in the search engine algorithms and results, the likelihood of results standing ground is much higher.

Through this site, I’ll be presenting a wide range of topics in the SEO space, both technical and business specific. I always welcome questions, constructive criticism and of course, other search engine optimization subjects that may come to mind – so feel free to contribute or ask for coverage on important or arcane issues in the industry.