Every site has conversion types that are goals for the business or web property. The most overt would be an online retailer or trader, but even non-profits and magazines have conversion types that they track (or need to). A conversion is basically any action taken that is desired by the business and can also be interpreted as a beacon for success. Keeping a pulse on conversions and the rate of conversion taking place can maintain a healthy business.

CRO, or conversion rate optimization is the practice of working in strategies and tactics that can bump conversion increases through testing elements that can affect the rate of conversions positively. This can be something as simple as the way something reads, the shape or size of a button, or something more complex like a new layout or user flow through the site. While no one tactic or set of tactics can ever be guaranteed, the likelihood of certain concepts and best practices applied, should help steer tests in the right direction. The ultimate goal of conversion rate optimization then is to apply tweaks and improvements over time that make the best of currently received traffic by making pages and elements more inviting and persuasive toward a higher volume/quality of bottom line actions.