Our world has and continues to change. Moving from a mostly analogue to digital, strictly offline to a 50/50 mix of online and offline. As things get more involved online, habits change, access to computers and higher bandwidth for activities online grows and business processes begin to be honed – nothing spells success like true understanding of what variables in the business are working or failing.

Enter web analytics. A practice that truly takes a complex data filled environment and allows marketers and business professionals a chance to get a foothold on different aspects of business by asking questions and getting answers (or more questions). Over the years many analytics providers have come (and gone) into the fray, but never has there been such an abundance of free or low cost tools that provide you with a toolbox worth of analytics gold.

The key to using web analytics these days as they become more of a commodity, is the craft of personalizing it to tell the best and most pertinent story for your business or specific needs. Understanding how analytics works, putting in the right expectations, and developing a blueprint for success in your business and marketing goals is the way to optimize and truly drive insights.

When has a one size fits all approach made you feel at your best or perform at your best? I fashion it’s not too often, and there is a good reason for this. All of us are different, and so too the businesses & industries out there.